State-of-the-art Production

iMax Virtual Set
One of our Virtual Sets

Max TV utilizes advanced digital broadcast technology:

Newly constructed state-of-the-art studios

State-of-the-art digital production and broadcast equipment

Quality broadcast signal and sound

Virtual Advertising with interactive options [placement of virtual advertising images on the pitch during a live sports event]

Afford clients more interactive options and avenues to reach and attract audience with targeted brand messages

Virtual Studio

Max TV’s utilises a virtual set which enhances the look and feel of our set-up for in-studio productions.

This allows for out-of-thebox creativity and flexibility in the physical design element of programming.

Some of our Virtual Sets; Afcon 2019, Just Request, EPL and Up Close

Outstation Broadcast 12G-SDI

Max TV has the capacity to execute live coverage and broadcast of projects via an ultramodern HD Outside Broadcast (OB) Van, owned by our partner StarTimes.

The $4m OB Van has already been in service for live broadcast of several high profile entertainment, religious and news events, international football matches, and the coverage of the Ghana Premier League, the FA Cup, GHALCA’s Top 4 Tournament and the President’s Cup events among others.

The StarTimes OB Van was built around 12G-SDI broadcast infrastructure, with high performance equipment:

Triple expansion trailer allows more space for operation

14m-long truck (capacity for a twenty-strong crew)

Six flexible operating areas that support Ultra HD 4K production

Custom-designed virtual production studio with embedded Chroma key

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras

Dedicated, fully configurable, light studio set

An expandable production gallery

12 ULTRA HD Cameras with a Virtual Production Studio 

A dedicated audio room with insulation treatment

A noise-isolated equipment room

A stand-alone television studio workflow, which means the vehicle can be used comfortably for longer periods

A large 3-D shaped monitor wall behind the fully adjustable production console

Virtual Advertising

Max TV has installed capacity for virtual advertising which allows us to insert virtual advertising images into a live or pre-recorded television programmes, especially sports productions for live broadcasts. This creates the impression that an advertising image viewers see on the screen is a real one installed on-ground.

Our Radio Studios